The province of BC uses four core indicators and additional supplemental indicators to establish:

  • if there is a drought or a possibility of drought
  • what the drought level is at a given point in time.

Core Indicators

The province measures the following four indicators to establish whether there is a drought:

  • Basin snow indices
  • Seasonal volume runoff forecasts
  • 30 percent of average precipitation
  • 7-day average streamflow

The drought level is linked to a threshold established for each of the core indicators (see page 14 of the British Columbia Drought Response Plan).

In addition, the following supplemental indicators also help assess the situation.

  • Aquifer levels
  • Individual hydrometric station results
  • Multi-year trends
  • Reservoir inflows
  • Wildfire danger class ratings

For more information:

Drought Information, Government of BC
British Columbia Drought Response Plan

Source: British Columbia Drought Response Plan, June 2010