In order to manage drought conditions of varying severity, the BC provincial government has adopted a rating system of four successive levels of drought.

Drought Levels Nicola River Watershed Merritt BC

Although Level 1 is not by definition, drought, the level is included because it plays a role in managing drought effectively and in keeping drought management costs low. Important actions can be implemented during drought preparedness (level 1- normal conditions) that may mitigate water supply issues as the dry period extends in time or is at frequent intervals.

Expected Action

The action you take depends on who you are and the severity of the drought.

Drought Levels Nicola River Watershed Merritt BC1


How will you learn the current drought conditions? Visit the Current Conditions page on this website. In addition, a large sign in Merritt will keep you informed about the current conditions.

To learn how to conserve water and to reduce use, refer to Water Use Best Practices.