Water Quantity | Water Quality | Population & Economic Activity | Wildlife | Forestry | Lack of Knowledge

The water-related issues in the Nicola watershed can be summarized under the following themes:

Water Quantity

security of supply for water license holders
inadequate/insufficient stream flow for fish
cumulative decrease in surface water supply
climate change
global warming
drought, low river flows
impact on forage production
unregulated new well construction
impact of wells on groundwater supply
lack of knowledge about surface and groundwater interaction
Water Quality

concern: maintain high standard
effect of water temperature on fish
activities in the riparian zone
leaching from landfills
Increase in Population & Economic Activity

impact of development on water resources
concern: will there be adequate water to sustain existing and projected uses?
lack of knowledge in government about the impact of development
lack of integrated planning
impact of increasing the storage capacity of certain lakes, i.e. Nicola Lake and the unfinished Nicola dam
Wildlife & their Water Requirements


mountain pine beetle and the impact of logging
impact of natural mortality in pine forest on water resource
Lack of Knowledge & Understanding

the water resource
uses (residential/golf and resorts/ranching, etc.)
regulatory processes
best practices
how to provide input